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Nike Air Max Torch 3 Men's Running Shoes. Model Number: 319116011 Gender: mens Color: Black / White Made In: Vietnam Brand New With Original Box

Nike Shoes Air Max

I asked for another pair. I have tight feet and these fit perfectly. They're right for my size (12D) and although they're not super stuffing like some of my Brooks and hawks, these fit so well that my feet are happier during and after each time. It's the best shoe I've worn in a long time. I hope you keep the three Nikes around.

I showed up in two days, brand-new and not dressed. I see a lot of reviews on volume issues. Get any size you wear in Nike shoes and they'll fit just fine. It seems that for every company shoes different I wear 11 in Nike, I bought a size 11 and these fit perfect. For those with wider feet the toes is a little tight in the beginning, but soften after a day or so of wearing them and they're really comfortable after that.

The fourth pair of Max's air boots in about six years. The approximation was consistent and this is not different. I love them after a week of solid use.

My husband commented at least five times, he likes sports shoes as the most comfortable he had ever had. He said the heel is too clogged when you step a+.

The last Nike shoe I bought collapsed within two days of the use. Well, the bubbles on the bottom popped and then, the soles split. So I was a little worried about these shoes and their even heavier use of the former to see what would happen, it was a little tight in the beginning, but after some use, they fit my feet just fine and didn't crumble at all. I'm glad to wear these comfortable shoes for a long-term future.

I was worried that these Nike shoes are fake however I have a pair of these already and compared each side of them. If it's a fake, it uses all the materials and stitching that Nike uses. This looks legit to my last husband for a year and a half and still going strong. I bought this because I know how it really fits and because Nike's new designs aren't my style.

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Nike Shoes Air Max

Nike air max torch 3 men's running shoes. model number: 319116011 gender: mens color: black / white made in: vietnam brand new with original box...

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